Breast surgery consultation

Every surgery is different, and so is every patient - we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

An initial consultation with Jasper Gill is recommended.

  • Cosmetic surgery, initial consultation - £120
  • Breast surgery, initial consultation - £200
  • Second opinion, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery - £250

Unlike other providers, you'll get to meet your surgeon face to face and have a no-obligation talk about which options are right for you, and what you'd like to achieve from the surgery. There's no "sign on the dotted line" or clock-watching - going ahead with surgery is an important decision and we want you to make the right choice.

Up to date prices for cosmetic surgery can be obtained by contacting us using the contact form on this page.


Breast reduction unilateral from £6991

Breast reduction bilateral from £8662

Unilateral Breast Augmentation round from £4332

Unilateral Breast Augmentation anatomical £4517

Bilateral Breast Augmentation round from £6328

Bilateral Breast Augmentation anatomical from £6476

Bilateral Breast Augmentation and uplift from £9423

Removal of implants from £5252

Revision of bilateral breast implants from £8600

Mastopexy(uplift) unilateral from £5364

Mastopexy (uplift) bilateral from £7828

*prices are reviewed annually and are therefore subject to change.



The Nuffield Hospital group works with a Finance Provider who can help you finance your surgery.


Jasper Gill is registered with the majority of healthcare insurance providers, get in touch if you'd like to know more.